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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Inazawa Mitsubishi Tower


Inazawa is an unremarkable, rather grim town, north of Nagoya on the rail route to Gifu. Inazawa's one claim to fame is a 173m (567 foot) tower in the grounds of its Mitsubishi factory complex.

Inazawa Mitsubishi Tower

According to the BBC the US$ 50m tower will be used by Mitsubishi to conduct research on high speed elevators for the next generation of super skyscrapers.

Inazawa Mitsubishi Tower

Mitsubishi, the main employer in Inazawa, will "test new drives, gears, cables and other lift systems," according to the BBC article.

Inazawa Mitsubishi Tower


Inazawa is three stops north of Nagoya Station on the JR Line to Gifu and Maibara. The huge tower is visible from the station. Turn left and walk about 15 minutes for a close-up view.

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