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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tokyo Christmas


Today is Christmas, but, in keeping with the commercialization of Christmas here - at least as extreme as in the West - it's business as usual. This morning's commute to work was a little less crowded, as some businesses close early for the New Year break, and things weren't that busy at work, but other than that it was just another Tuesday.

Christmas Eve, however, happened to be a holiday, but only because the Emperor's birthday, usually reason for a holiday on the 23rd, fell on Sunday this year, meaning the holiday was moved to Monday, the 24th.

I went for a long walk yesterday taking in the beautiful crisp winter air and the brilliant blue skies.

In Shinjuku, the girls pictured above were practicing their boogy-woogy dance moves in the window of an apartment building and obligingly posed for a shot.

Harajuku Christmas tree.

In Harajuku the streets were jam packed with shoppers - mainly young couples, as Christmas Eve in Japan is very much a lovers' day - over which towered this very vividly decorated tree.

Christmas in Tokyo: nothing if not merry!

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