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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Roppongi Tunnel art


I was walking home from Roppongi last night, all the way to Nakano, about a two-hour hike, but it was a beautiful crisp, cool winter night with stars twinkling in the crystal clear air and a yellow crescent moon low in the sky.

I walked though Roppongi Tunnel, which comes out at the National Art Center Tokyo. Inside the tunnel are several murals sponsored by the Tokyo metropolitan government.
One of them was the one pictured here: a series of stiched together slices of typical street scenes in Tokyo - although definitely of the city's better off areas.
Anyway, I liked the clean, airy effect that comes across even in the somewhat dingy tunnel, and even after sundown.
(BTW, the mural was taken as a panorama later stitched together, thus the wonkiness.)

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