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Friday, December 14, 2007

Nanachan Nagoya


Nagoya is a fashion-conscious city. The prevailing creed: "If you have the cash - flaunt it!"

This industrial, no-nonsense city has even spawned its own look among young women - the "Nagoya gyarusu ['gals']" trend.

Carrot beehives, feather boas, tight, satin hot-pants even when the weather is hovering just above zero, high-heels, shed-loads of make-up and a Louis Vuitton accessory or six all thrown together for the complete "$50 hooker look."


Well, its understandable when you consider one of the city's defining icons is the 7m (23ft) tall mannequin Nanachan. Turn right out of the Hirokoji exit of Nagoya Station and there she is -- white, bald, legs akimbo and very, very tall.

Nanachan gets a makeover two or three times a month and usually dresses according to the season. This year the 600kg (1,325lb) girl with the 2m (78in) bust has been seen in a bikini, a festival happi coat and a Chunichi Dragons uniform after the local team won the Japan Series.

At the minute Nanachan is in a fetching Santa kind of thing.

To see what Nanachan has looked like this year check out this Nanachan tribute site.

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