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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Japan This Week 12/30/07


Japan News. Japan presses China on pollution.

NY Times

Fukuda and Hu agree to work on gas exploration issue.


Japanese New Year food spotlighted.

NY Times

The business of Christmas in Japan.


Michelin Guide Tokyo (Michelin Guides) sells out all 120,000 copies in three days--and, in terms of stars, Tokyo is the leading culinary city in the world, with Paris number 2.

Japan Times

Blood products tainted.

Asahi Herald

New Year's sex: order in.


Global warming threatens rice cultivation.


Japanese husbands join club to give wives more respect.


Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

50,000 pre-war wooden buildings were destroyed in Kyoto between 1978-1988.

Source: Japanese Capitals in Historical Perspective as seen in the Kansai Time Out, Dec., 2007

25 billion pairs of waribashi disposable chopsticks are thrown away each year in Japan.

Source: Kansai Time Out

Drunken driving accidents decreased 28% in the 3 months since the toughening of the law in September this year. There were 1,402 DUI accidents between September 19, 2007 and December 18, 2007, a decrease of 535 cases compared with the same period last year. 94 of the incidents were fatal.

Source: National Police Agency

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