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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Japan This Week 12/2/07


Japan News.China and Japan begin trade talks, hoping to improve bilateral relations.

New York Times

Out of fear of angering the US, Japan cancels tour for Chinese sailors, in Japan on a historic visit, to an Aegis ship.
Japan Times

Japan McDonald's falsely labeled food production dates for six years.

Daily Yomiuri

Banned Mongolian grand champion sumo wrestler returns to Japan, vows to change his ways.


Sex brings good fortune, says soothsayer, especially when it involves women in red panties or couples that sprinkle themselves with gold leaf.


Japan Statistics

Japan was in 91st place out of 128 countries for gender equality in a ranking by the Swiss-based World Economic Forum.

Source: The Kansai Time Out

Taxi fares in Tokyo will increase tomorrow from 660 yen to 710 yen. Kerosene prices have hit an all time high of 1628 yen (14.65 USD) for an 18-liter can.

Source: Japan Times

A poll of 1757 adults found that 20.4% of Japanese people think that Japan does not have good relations with the USA. 76.3% of people believe Japan-US relations are good. These figures show an 8.8% rise in the number of people who believe Japan-US relations are bad.

Source: Cabinet Office

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