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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Book Review: The Asian Vegan Kitchen


The Asian Vegan Kitchen
The Asian Vegan Kitchen

by Hema Parekh
Kodansha International
ISBN 4-7700-3069-6
192 pp

Even the unreconstructed meat-eater in me could not resist this book. Hema Parekh has collected a wide variety of recipes from around Asia that look and sound wonderful. She is a well-known teacher of vegetarian cooking in Tokyo, and has chosen 200 recipes from many countries in the Far East.

The recipes include sushi, northern Indian curries, Vietnamese spring rolls, and spicy Chinese tofu. There are also recipes from Burma, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

The recipes are simple, and the book contains an easy-to-use glossary.

This carnivore was nearly converted.

Reviewed by C. Ogawa

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