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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Abandoned Cars in Japan


Abandoned cars are a common site in the suburbs of Japan's main urban areas. Once the shaken (vehicle safety certificate) has expired after two years on an old car it is often more economical to buy a new or second-hand motor than have the old one fixed up to a standard to pass the shaken test.

Abandoned car

However, it costs money to have a car scrapped and also the license plates must be handed in to the vehicle registration authorities in a process that can take half a day if you do it yourself rather than pay a company to do the paperwork on your behalf.

Result -- lots of abandoned wrecks on Japan's streets. After a few days the neighbors will report the abandoned vehicle to the local ward office, who will slap a yellow and red sticker on it...and then do nothing.

Warning sticker

The car in the photo was ticketed on November 19th 2007, I'll let you know when and if it finally gets towed away.

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