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Friday, November 09, 2007

Mystery insect in Tokyo CBD


"Kurisumasu," as Christmas is known in Japan, has already come to Tokyo's hub of commerce and entertainment, the Shinjuku area. One of Shinjuku's biggest department stores, Odakyu, in the Shinjuku station building, has just turned on its yuletide lighting as the rush towards the big day begins.

Not that the 25th forms the big day here. The focal date of Christmas is the 24th, Christmas Eve, and the focal activity is not carol singing or gift giving, but dating.

But whatever it stands for, as the decorations above suggest, Christmas is as huge in Japan as anywhere. Only 40 shopping days to go!

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  1. That's an easy one:


    I saw some really weird insects in Japan that I can't identify. One was a little flat worm that built a flat dirt colored house for itself which it dragged around with it. I know, it's hard to describe and I didn't have a digital camera with me at the time damnit.

  2. Thanks, Sneb! I'll keep an eye out for the little flat worm.


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