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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Book Review: Tokyo Encounter

Tokyo Encounter, by Wendy Yanagihara

Lonely Planet has just published a Tokyo guide that isn’t for the backpacker. Tokyo Encounter, gives the young tourist with time and money to spend a concise, intelligent, colorful, and easily searchable bird’s eye view of the city in a glossy, pocket-sized 200 pages.

Tokyo Encounter

The first section of Tokyo Encounter has 16 “Highlights” - not-to-be-missed shopping and drinking spots, temples, parks and the like - followed by a very brief calendar of once-a-year things to be seen and done. The main body of the book, “Neighborhoods,” features ten Tokyo neighborhoods, handily color-coded, with a short overview, a map, and “See,” “Shop,” Eat,” “Drink,” and “Play” listings, each with a fifty-or-so word description: stylishly and thoughtfully written. Few pages are without an artful photograph, or an extra-info box.

Following “Neighborhoods” are “Snapshots”: 16 little overviews of accommodation, anime and manga, architecture, food, galleries, gay and lesbian, kids, live music, markets, and more.

Next is “Background”: some “textbook” stuff about Tokyo; and, finally, “Transport” and “Practicalities” (climate, discounts, emergencies, health, holidays, language, etc.) In the inside back cover is a pull-out map of Tokyo and the subway system.

Tokyo Encounter is a user-friendly, up-to-date and attractive-looking guide that, if you’re visiting Tokyo, is guaranteed to steer you where you want to go with a minimal amount of homework.

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