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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Okama Volcanic Crater Lake Zao San


The spectacular volcanic crater lake, Okama, near the ski and onsen resort of Zao Onsen is worth the long drive or bus ride from Zao Onsen town.

Okama Lake, June.

However, chances are the pristine, greenish-blue lake at an altitude of around 1600m will be obscured by clouds especially in high summer. The best time to visit the lake during the summer hiking season of May-October is in May, June or October and always early in the morning before the clouds have formed.

Okama Lake covered by clouds, September.


Mount Zao is in the Zao Quasi-National Park.

Zao Sky Cable
Tel: 0236 949 420

Take the Zao Sky Cable from Zao Onsen Ski Resort.
There are also buses from Zao Onsen and Shiroishi.

Zao Sky Cable.

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