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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Japan This Week 9/09/07


21.1 billion yen in Japanese pension assets left unmanaged.


Japan thrashed in Rugby World Cup opener.

BBC News

Japanese schoolchildren fed toxic dolphin meat in Wakayama.


The history of the condom in Japan's brothels.


Dice-K slumps as his ERA balloons with over 20 HRs hit off his pitching.

Washington Post

Japan ponders moving ASDF mission in aid of US to Afghanistan from Kuwait.

Japan Times

Japan Statistics

According to a survey undertaken by Kirin Holdings Inc, a Japanese beer manufacturer, Japanese salarymen pay an average of 4,851 Yen (USD 42.77) each time they go out with colleagues after work. The average frequency of after-work drinking sessions is 1.8 times a month.

30% of Japan's officially recorded homeless population of 18,564 people lives on the banks of rivers according to a survey of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. This practice of the poor residing on river banks goes back to the Edo Period in Japanese history.

The same Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry reports that the number of Japanese high school girls who are sexually experienced has risen to 28.3% in 2006. 1.7% of nineteen-year-old girls have had an abortion.

Last Week's Japan News

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