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Monday, August 06, 2007

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Anniversary


Today is the 62nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

The atomic dome in HiroshimaRemembrance ceremonies will be taking place in Hiroshima Peace Park and in other cities in Japan throughout the day and night to honor the approximately 140,000 recorded victims.

This year The Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation has a new chairperson - 59-year-old American Steven L. Leeper.

Leeper, a successful Japan-based businessman and translator, is the first foreigner to hold the position, which is responsible for overseeing the memorials to the victims of the bombing in Hiroshima and spread the message of an end to nuclear weapons worldwide.

The Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation is planning an exhibition tour of the USA this year to highlight its work.

The destruction of HiroshimaIn Tokyo the L'Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo in Iidabashi will be holding a series of events, including films and photographic exhibitions, to commemorate the Hiroshima attack.

At 8.15am on August 6 1945 the US B-29 bomber "Enola Gay" unleashed the world's first atomic bomb attack on an inhabited city.
The 3m long, 4 ton "Little Boy" bomb dropped on Hiroshima carried 50kg of uranium 235 and the fission of 1kg of uranium released the equivalent of 16,000 tons of high explosive virtually leveling the city.

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