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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sexy Japanese girls' weird boyfriends


The comedian Akashiya Sanma is a very venerable item of comic furniture on Japanese TV. The loud-mouthed hoarse-voiced Wakayama-born, Nara-raised, Osaka-school comedian plays up the essential no-bullshit business man in cheap suit and tie, everything shouted, and all in robust defense of "common sense."

Watch him in action on his program Koi no Kara Sawagi (Much Ado About Love) where he talks to Japanese girls about their boyfriends.

The divide between the sexes is generally a much deeper one in Japan than in the West. See the two sexes battle it out here - Sanma often playing the beleagured male.

These sexily done out girls - all in self-conscious 'tart' fashion - share in their own unique ways their equally unique experiences with boys. Watch and listen to what they say on this YouTube podcast from JapanVisitor - subtitled in English. Be surprised!

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