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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sex of soft sorts on Japanese TV


Sex of sorts on Japanese TV

Panel sales full of spurious demonstrations and ‘experiments’ of so-called wonder products form a very big part of Japanese TV.

Here is a slimming ‘documentary’ from nighttime TV just this weekend that follows the fortunes of three fat girls who – horror of horrors – could no longer fit their favorite pants and sought esthetic assistance.

This particular show – with its unsubtle pushes for a certain esthetic clinic and clothing brands – is not only aimed at the obvious audience represented by its participants: working class Japanese girls. It is also about sex, and is very clearly aimed at Japanese men who like fat girls.

In this 10 minute clip, big raucous Japanese girls put themselves at the mercy of thin precious estheticians, who subject them to quackish ‘therapies’ using retro sci-fi machinery, all to a background of tits and ass jokes, and sexist asides from the commentator.

See how the camera slavers over the mounds of jelly-like fat and try not to think about just who were no doubt gleefully taking it all in, late at night, all alone, with their 6 packs, crisps and boxes of ... well, no, let's leave that to someone else's imagination.


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