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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival


Listen to the sounds of Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival

The 500-year-old Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival takes place annually on the 4th Saturday and Sunday in July in Tsushima just outside Nagoya.

Tsushima Festival, makiwarabune

On the Saturday evening five wood and straw boats decorated with hundreds of paper lanterns float on the Tenno river setting the water glittering with reflected light.

There are firework displays, flute music and taiko drumming to entertain the thousands of people who attend the festival, many wearing colorful yukata.

Fireworks at Tsushima Festival

On the Sunday a similar procession of boats takes place on the river, this time with life-size dolls riding on top of the boats.

Visitors can pay 2,000 yen for a water-side seat on tatami mats or chairs or just find a free spot on the river bank and picnic down for the evening.

Tsushima also hosts a smaller autumn festival on the first Saturday and Sunday of October.

Access: Tsushima Shrine and the Tenno River Park are a 15-minute walk from Tsushima station on the Meitetsu Tsushima line from Nagoya Station. There are also Meitetsu buses from Nagoya.

Tsushima Tourism site (in Japanese)

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