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Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby Derby on Japanese TV


Japanese TV: you could almost say that if something doesn't show up on it sometime, it hasn't been thought of yet.

Japanese kids: As a people the Japanese dote on them. Childhood is seen as a time of supreme, blissful innocence, and perhaps more importantly, a time of freedom before the onerous duties of adulthood are imposed.
Put them together and ...

... you get a gameshow where, in each program, the members of the panel place bets on potential winners of generally off-the-wall contests - this week the contest being between crawling babies!

How fast can a baby crawl across 10 meters? And how can he or she be made to do so?

These are questions that you will see answered on this clip: excerpts of highlights from the seven elimination rounds, and, of course, the final championship.

Selectively subtitled in English by JapanVisitor.

Boo boo baa baa! (That's "Goo goo gaa gaa!" in Japanese.)

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