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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

University Graduation


This is the time of year when Japanese universities hold their graduation ceremonies.

Typically university graduation ceremonies are held in deluxe city center hotels and students attend in traditional hakama for the girls and suits for the boys. The hakama kimono can cost in the region of US$600 to hire for the day.

Japanese female university students wearing traditional hakama at their graduation ceremony

Graduation rates for Japanese universities are high. The large majority of students who enter university in Japan graduate four years later.

Entry in to the workplace begins soon after in early April at the beginning of the Japanese financial year.

Many students take "graduation vacations" (卒業旅行) for a week or 10 days in Europe, Australia or the USA before their graduation ceremonies. These are often highly-organized bus tours taking in a number of major cities, which offer little insight into the countries visited.

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