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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Japan This Week 3/18/07


Livedoor founder Takafumi Horie sentenced to prison for fraud.

The Guardian

US Embassy in Tokyo hasn't paid rent for 9 years.

Daily Yomiuri

Film Review: Shadow Hunters - samurai / ninja drama lacks social commentary.

Midnight Eye

Enjo kosai gone very bad in Nagoya Love Hotel.


Bombardier propeller airplane on Osaka-Kochi route makes emergency landing.

Daily Yomiuri

80% of nursing grads can't administer CPR or stop bleeding.

Daily Yomiuri

LDP Head: "China not a threat"

China Daily

Japan urged to "face history"

Korea Herald

Gay Freedom Fighter Ken Togo Speaks Out


Pin-up queen Aki Hoshino turns 30


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Last Week's News

Livedoor scandal

Japanese Tourism Stats

In Asia, China received the largest number of Japanese visitors in 2006 with 3,745,900 Japanese visiting the country, followed by 2,338,921 visitors to Korea, 1,161,489 visitors to Taiwan, 1,311,987 visitors to Thailand and 1,311,111 to Hong Kong.

Visitors to Australia (651,000) and New Zealand (136,401) were down 5% and 12% respectively on the previous year.

In Europe, Japanese visitors to Spain saw a massive 17% rise to 710,900 visitors for 2006.

Altogether, 17,535,000 Japanese traveled overseas in 2006.

Source: Ministry of Justice and JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organization)

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