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Friday, March 30, 2007

Hot spring


Early blossom in Tokyo.Spring officially came last Wednesday, and, like clockwork, almost from that day things started noticeably warming up. Well, no: positively heating up.

Yesterday, March 29, was the warmest day on record for this early in the year in 12 locations throughout Japan, the warmest being Koyama in Tochigi Prefecture at 26.2 degrees Celcius (79 degrees Fahrenheit), usually its July average.

Tokyo was 24 degrees, its late May average. This means that the blossom season has been affected, and is about a week earlier than usual.

And sure enough, on the right here's a photo of blossom taken in a side street of Tokyo's Fukagawa area no less than 10 days ago - at a stage of blooming you'd usually only expect to find around about now.

Below is a shot taken today on a bridge over the Kanda River in Nakano ward: the neighborhood out under the glorious sakura blossom.

Neighbors in Nakano ward, Tokyo, under the cherry blossom

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