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Thursday, January 04, 2007



Gamagori in Aichi Prefecture is a popular resort town on the Pacific Coast about 55 km west of Nagoya. Gamagori's main sight is Takeshima Island which is reached by a picturesque bridge 387m from the shore. The interesting Yaotomi Shrine is situated on the top of the hill on the island and there is a path around Takeshima with good views back to the shore and out to nearby Mikawa and Oshima Islands.

View of the uninhabited Mikawa and Oshima Islands

Gamagori also has an aquarium, some upmarket hotels and hot springs - Gamagori Onsen and Miya Onsen. There are plenty of yachts in the harbor and the town is a center for pleasure boating along the coast.

To the west are more onsens at Nishiura and Katahara. Katahara was a production center for hemp for rope-making for boats up until the mid-1970s and produced 40% of Japan's total hemp output. This business has now died with ropes now imported from China and The Philippines.

Takeshima beach

Access: The quickest way to get to Gamagori by public transport is JR train from Nagoya Station on the Tokaido Main Line for Toyohashi. From Gamagori to Nishiura and Katahara take the local Meitetsu Gamagori Line.

There are hourly buses from Gamagori Station out to Takeshima or it is a 20-25 minute walk.
Meitetsu Taxis: 0533 68 7241

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