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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Japan This Week 12/17/06


Takafumi Horie, the disgraced founder of Livedoor Co. said in an interview with the Financial Times that Japan was the "most communist society in the world" and that his arrest for fraud was the result of the "jealous elite of old Japan".

Japan and China have agreed to create an organization to recover and
treat chemical weapons abandoned in China by the Imperial Japanese Army
during World War II. In Jilin Province alone, some 400,000 such weapons were
left. Daily Yomiuri

According to the New York Times, Japan's town meetings (TM) were filled with plants: party hacks posed as regular attendees and asked soft questions. PM Abe is now in hot water.

The Boston Red Sox went bonkers over new signing ex-Seibu Lions pitching ace Daisuke Matsuzaka

Take a peek at the history of Japanese sex education films on Midnight Eye

Former Kyoto University researcher, Isamu Kaneko, the developer of the peer-to-peer file sharing software Winny, was fined 1.5 million yen for violation of the Japanese copyright law.

A limbless and headless torso of a male was found in a plastic bag near Shinjuku Station.

Japan Stats

Japan imports more than 90% of its beef from Australia and 95% of its soybeans.

Japanese farmers grow 80% of the vegetables consumed in Japan.

Japan consumes 15% of the world's marine products and 5% of the world's food.

Japanese people spend US$ 600 billion (20% of available income) on eating, at home or in restaurants. The total for the US is US$ 700 billion (10% of available income).

There are approximately 2.9 million farms in Japan.

25% of all food production in Japan goes to waste.

Figures - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (MAFF)

Do you take beer with your coffee? Introducing 'Coffee Stout'

On the topic of ingestibles, a coffee shop in Japan has started catering to both beer and coffee drinkers in one hit!

Hotels in Japan

English-Japanese Dictionary

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