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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yotsuya Tokyo

四谷 東京

Yotsuya, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo.Yotsuya, (literally 'Four Valleys') only a few minutes walk from Nagatacho, the political center of Japan, and the imperial palace, is one of Tokyo's main business districts: vibrantly busy by day but almost dead at night.

The shot on the right is of Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection, looking down Shinjuku-dori, just in front of Yotsuya Station, which serves the JR Chuo line, the subway Marunouchi line, and the subway Nanboku line.

Yotsuya, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo.
Behind the rows of mainly 10- to 15-storey buildings that line the main thoroughfare of Shinjuku-dori, are tucked away one or two very pleasant parks, some elegant residences, and numerous restaurants.

Yotsuya, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo.Today was an exceptionally beautiful autumn day, with bright silvery sun, dry, clear air, and just cool enough to keep you on your toes but not make you shiver.

The colors were vivid, as was the contrast of light and shade, and the clarity of everything brought even the most distant things to life.

Yotsuya, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo.I snapped a few photos during lunchtime, enjoying the reflections, the contrasts, and the sharp outlines. There's something about shadow on a bright, clear day, creating sometimes dramatic silhouettes, or pockets of quietude and intimacy.

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