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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Susuki Japanese Pampas Grass

susuki Nothing says "Autumn" like susuki.


If the word susuki appears in a Japanese poem or haiku, then the reader instantly knows the poem is set in autumn.

susuki pampas grass

Susukisaka umi hetomukai arukunari

The path
Of Japanese pampas grass
I walk to the sea

susuki One of the seven flowers of Autumn, Miscanthus Sinensis, sometimes known as Japanese Pampas Grass, or Japanese Plume Grass, grows to a height of 2 metres, and its silky white flowers catch the light and cause shimmering displays wherever it is found.

Its reeds were once used for thatching roofs, and nowadays its domain is threatened by the invasive Goldenrod from America.

Conversely, in America, Susuki-known as Fairy Grass, is invading the domain of the native Goldenrod.

Susuki can be found typically in the gravel beds alongside rivers, and wherever land is untended.

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