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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sony PlayStation3


Breast FeastYippee! Sony's PlayStation3 is out! I was one of the first to rush down to Tokyo's electronics mecca of Akihabara today - having seen news of it on Kotaku, but was as disappointed as I had been excited when found no sign of the new sleek black brand new toy of which Sony proclaims 'This is living!'

'Very, Very Naughty'Crowds trudged the streets under bright white neon, dogding girls in Victorian lace, bows and bangles handing out flyers for maid cafes and touts shouting in front of stores - it was all business as usual.
'Flowers X-Rated'
In fact, in spite of trudging the main drag of Akihabara wearing a pair of freshly polished glasses, the only sign I saw of anything to do with PlayStation was PlayStation 2, not PlayStation 3!

PlayStation 3-less, I morosely wandered the area with ever-lessening hope and found myself in the men's wing (the women's is next door) of the massive Toranoana manga store on its 6th floor for vintage manga. Consoled myself with four ludicrous titles that I have reproduced here just for lurid kicks. Note, in particular, the anatomically way over-fitted-out ambivalence of little 'Lucy' (below)!

'Lucy in the Sky with Dream'But PlayStation 3 - where are you?!

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