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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Japan Visitor 2006 Contest

Fall 2006 Quiz Contest!

Thanks to all who entered last year's JapanVisitor contest. We had 289 entries from 27 countries.

For the 2006 Contest, answer the questions below by November 25 and become eligible for one of the great prizes below. Submit the necessary information--a few simple questions--along with the correct answers, and then email us. It will take no more than 2 minutes. (Hint: The answers can all be found in JapanVisitor.com.) And then wait for the announcement on December 1, 2006, of the winners of the many prizes noted below. Special thanks to all of our Sponsors:

Tuttle Publishing | Kodansha International | Stone Bridge Press | Tatsuboshi Happi Coat | Eco Chopsticks | Kuraya Mini-Byobu (Japanese Screens) | Soccerphile.com | Japanese Straw Sandals | GoodsFromJapan.com

Rules/Conditions | Enter the Contest | Contest Questions | Privacy

Tuttle Publishing

Business Guide to Japan

A practical and well written guide to the minutiae of doing business in Japan.


Japanese For Fun

The FUN way to learn Nihongo.


Kodansha International

Japanese Country Style Putting New Life into Old Homes

A lovely and loving book on rebuilding and fixing up country homes in Japan


A Cat, a Man, And Two Women

A classic from the master Junichiro Tanizaki.


Bridge Press

In the Pool

Another great title from one of America's most interesting publishing houses.

The Haiku Apprentice

A wonderful story from a US diplomat and haiku master.

Cosplay: Catgirls and Other Critters by Gerry Poulos

A guide to another wacky Japanese and now world-wide happening.


Soccerphile.com, Official 2002 World Cup Dragon Happi

This official FIFA licensed Happi is a collector's item--and cool.

2006 Contest


Eco Chopsticks

These chop sticks are eco-friendly, easy to use and clean, and very portable.

Eco Chopsticks


Kuraya Japanese mini-byobu (decorative screen)

These byobu are handmade and painted in Kyoto by Kurashima-sensei.

This Four Panel Screen entitled Pheasant in a Plum Tree is 9.8 x 4.7 inches in size.

A beautiful gift for your home or office.

Pheasant Byobu


Happi Festival Coat, "Happy Face" L Size

This is the perfect item for a summer festival. Designed by a Nara priest. The design on the back is pictured at left, the front of the jacket below right.

Happi Coat


Japanese Straw Sandals

These sandals are the perfect item for a summer festival. 23.5 x 9cm (9.2 x 3.5 inches)



Contest Rules

Rules and Conditions

1. The deadline to submit your answers to the quiz and enter the contest is November 25, 2006, midnight Japan time.

2. You may enter only once.

3. Relatives of employees and employees at JapanVisitor.com are prohibited from entering.

4. There are no returns or exchanges.5. You must complete the Personal Information as well as the Quiz Questions to be eligible for prizes.

6. Winners will be notified on the site and via email on December 1st.

Enter the Contest

Send your answers and personal information to JapanVisitor.com
to enter the Contest: Contest Entry

Personal Information (A-E) & Quiz Questions (1-5)

Answer the following questions and submit to Contact

Personal Information

A. Your Name

B. Address

C. Sex

D. Age

E. Please choose a first & second choice from the prizes listed above.


1. What city was the setting for the film "Memoirs of a Geisha"?

2. Who is the author of "In the Pool"?

3. Name one professional sports team from Osaka.

4. What is Kamakura's most famous tourist attraction?

5. Where was the 2005 Expo held in Japan?


JapanVisitor.com does not bear legal or other responsibility for the quality of and or satisfaction related to the prizes.


JapanVisitor.com will not transmit, sell, or pass on to any third party the information required for entering the Contest (Personal Information).

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