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Monday, November 27, 2006

Colors of Autumn Ginkgo Tree in Japan


ginkgo After the Susuki begins its display, and before the full intensity of the Maple's red leaves, the Ginkgo tree puts on its show.

ginkgo in Japan Ginkgo Bilaba, known as Icho (銀杏) in Japanese, are a very ancient species of tree, and the species here in Japan came originally from China.

Japanese ginkgo Shrines and temples will often have a solitary Ginkgo tree towering over them, and its golden display can be seen from a distance like a beacon.

ginkgo leaves in Japan As they shed their leaves, a golden carpet is made underfoot.

Japanese gingko Following the leaves, the fruits of the female trees then drop, and a foul smell ensues. Inside the rotting flesh of the fruit can be found a very nutritious nut, Ginnan, though only those with a weak sense of smell will be able to spend long collecting them.

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