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Monday, October 16, 2006



Deeppresso Canned Coffee

Japan has a long history of choosing unfortunate English names for their products, with Pocari Sweat being probably the most infamous.

Coca Cola Japan has brought out a new can of coffee that continues this trend.

Worried about feeling too good?
Try Deeppresso, and feel the waves of worry wash over you!

Ready to go to work and can't kick that relaxed feeling?
Deeppresso will get you in the right mood for the office!

But it pales by comparison with a short-lived candy bar that was, according to a reliable source, relased some years ago with the name of SNATCH.

The TV commercial featured a beautiful young Japanese woman who, holding the candy bar, implored the viewer to "Please don't eat my snatch."

Can't imagine why they pulled that product!

Buy Pocari Sweat

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