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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rent Cell Phone in Japan


Rentafone phone types

We provide a cheap and convenient cell phone rental service for short-term visitors to Japan. Whether you are coming to Japan for business or pleasure, a rental phone is essential for keeping in touch with your contacts in Japan, as well as giving folks back home a direct line to you.

Phone Models

All phones:

* Are camera-equipped Sanyo phones operating on the Vodafone network.
* Have an English menu and can be used all over Japan.
* Can be used to make/ receive both national and international calls.
* Can be used to send/ receive e-mail (not SMS) , including pictures taken on the phone.
* Come with our simplified operating instructions, covering the basic phone features on one sheet of paper.

SA-05: 8.5 cm (folded), 100,000 pixel camera
SA-06: 8.5 cm (folded), 110,000 pixel camera (a slightly updated versionof the SA-05)
401SA: 10.5 cm(compacted), 1.3 mega pixel camera(popular with users ofthe camera and e-mailfunctions )

Rental Charges
First week or part
SA-05 Yen 3900 (approx. US$35)
SA-06 Yen 4200 (approx. US$38)
401SA Yen 4900 (approx. US$44)

After 7 days
Yen 300 per additional day (all phones)

Contact Details
Fax: +81-75-212-0842
Phone: +81-90-9621-7318 (10 am - 6 pm Japan time)
[090-9621-7318 if calling within Japan]

Rent a cell phone in Japan

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