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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Cabinet


The old Koizumi Cabinet resigned today, and the members of the new Abe Cabinet were announced.

The biggest question is what Abe will do vis-a-vis China. To put it very simply, will he continue visiting Yasukuni Shrine or not? That is the issue on which Japanese national hubris cannot seem to back down on, and prime ministerial visits to the shrine seem like unattractively and unwisely quixotic gestures to make under the nose of the stirring giant that is China.

Of far more interest to most people at this time of the year, however, is the changeable weather in Tokyo. This morning was gloriously sunny in Tokyo, but by midday it was teeming. Here's a shot of Kojimachi in Chiyoda ward, one of Tokyo's main central business districts and only a few minute's walk from Nagatacho, the political center of the nation, as well as the Emperor's residence.

Kojimachi may not be much to look at in terms of architecture, but I thought this photograph captured something of the area's life and buoyancy.

Kojimachi, a Tokyo CBD in Chiyoda ward.

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