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Thursday, July 20, 2006



Neighbor's flooded garden, Shimane. We've been getting a lot of rain recently in the San-in area. Over the weekend we were visiting the Oki Islands again, and twice we had to slam on the brakes as we rounded a bend to face a wall of mud and debris blocking the road.

When we got back home, it was pretty wet, but nothing extraordinary considering it IS the rainy season.

But last night it poured... and poured... and poured.

The photo above is my neighbor's garden, under a metre of water. The satoimo (taro) in the foreground will probably be ok. It can stand a bit of flooding.
My upper garden was thankfully spared the flooding... it's waterlogged but OK.

My flooded riverside vegetable garden, Shimane. My village is a dead-end tucked into a V-shaped valley with steep hills on 3 sides. 2 of the 3 roads out of the village were closed by floodwater.

Underneath the water are the village's rice-paddies; probably this year's rice crop has been destroyed.

The centre of the photo on the left is my lower, riverside garden!! Well, about 3 metres below the surface of the water is where my garden used to be until today.

Gone is all my almost ripe sweetcorn, carrots, and sweet potatoes, but worst of all is the loss of my bumper parsnip crop.

You simply cannot buy parsnips in Japan and I was so looking forward to roasting some in a month or so.

Flooded river, rising, Shimane.

One good thing though; once the waters subside they will leave behind a layer of rich silt which will mean bumper harvests next year.

The main road down the river to the coast was open, so at lunchtime I headed to work.

About halfway down to the coast the river had risen to within 20 cms of the road. Apparently, not long after I passed by, the road was closed as the river was still rising.

Pumping out floodwater, Shimane. That meant a 20km detour up into the mountains to get home tonight.

Even then I had another delay as I had to stop a few hundred metres from my village as they were pumping out the floodwaters from the neighboring valley.

Every fifteen minutes they stopped the pumps and the cars were allowed to drive on over the giant hoses laid across the road.

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