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Friday, July 28, 2006

Bamboo Gallery 2


Water basin at a Hachiman Shrine

Just finished reading a great book Bamboo In Japan, and it prompted me to go through my files and dig out some more images of bamboo. The photo above is of a water basin at a Hachiman Shrine near my home. The dippers are ingeniously made out of a single piece of bamboo.

Rakes and brooms are made from bamboo

All these rakes and brooms are made from bamboo.

Cover for a well at Yoshida Shrine in Kyoto

Tied together bamboo makes great fencing, and in this case a cover for a well at Yoshida Shrine in Kyoto.


In the spring we all go out and dig up young bamboo shoots. Takenoko are a great delicacy. The strainer/basket they are in is also made out of bamboo.

Stacks of giant bamboo

By the side of the roads in the countryside you see stacks of giant bamboo. In the Fall they are made into huge drying racks to dry rice and sometimes beans.

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