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Thursday, June 08, 2006

(Japanese) Men are from Mars Women are from Venus


According to a recent poll by Reve 21, a hair transplant business in Osaka [the name is a play on words: “Dream of being 21”], the largest source of stress for men is their boss or other superiors at work. This accounted for 37% of the replies. For women, on the other hand, the answer was “my husband,” which was answered by one in five.

For men, the answers were all work-related:

1. Boss: 37%
2. Future prospects of my company: 16%
3. Subordinates at work: 9%

For women, there was a mix of home and work:

1. Husband: 20%
2. Subordinates at work: 18%
3. Children: 18%

The next question in the poll—“What person relieves your stress the most?”—also underlined the male/female divide.

For women, “friends” topped the list at 25%. Men, on the other hand, put “my wife” (!) as their top choice, which accounted for one quarter of the replies.

The last question—“What is the number one way you relieve stress?”–once again failed to bridge the gap. Women answered shopping, followed by sleeping and travel. For men, the top answer was “spending time with my family.” Next was sleeping, and finally “drinking alcohol.”

If only the men knew.

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