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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tokyo Design Festa Vol.23

デザイン・フェスタ 23

Tokyo Big Sight Today I went to the 23rd Tokyo Design Festa: a helter-skelter of creativity that takes place every spring and autumn in the massive Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center).

Tokyo Design Festa provides an opportunity to anyone who isn’t ‘big’ (yet), to display virtually whatever s/he likes to do or make. 80% of it is pass-byable, being booths dedicated to mawkish adolescent cutsieness, something like watching cherry blossom: pleasant enough for a while in the aggregate but not something you stop at each tree to study.

However, there is, of course, a vanguard of true talent in design, music, and art that make it memorable. Below are a few snaps from today’s Tokyo Design Festa, Vol.23.

Funky Japanese teens on their way to Tokyo Design Festa. On the train. Tokyo Design Festa is nothing if not on the young and whacky side. While not exactly typical, these kids on the same train as I on their way there looked by no means out of place when I saw them again inside Tokyo Big Sight later.

Brother and sister selling their art at Tokyo Design Festa. This was as young as it got: sis and little bro selling their very own paintings.

Paper toilet man. Elaborate DIY paper mechanics, somewhere between a biology lesson and toilet humor. A slowly rotating motor powered the hand to periodically lift a ball to the mouth which went through the body. Pulling the toilet chain released the accumulated balls into the toilet which were then cranked back up to his hand for another cycle. All made of paper. This little boy was enthralled.

Merry old men figurines. These hand-size dolls of merry old men in all sorts of inebriated and carefree poses and situations featured at a stall (run by a pair of guys who seemed a bit glum, if anything!)

Finally, you can see in the top photo how fine it was when I took it. My jaw dropped then when I left three hours later to find the sky totally clouded over and pouring rain.

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