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Monday, May 29, 2006

Nagoya Thai Festival


Went to the inaugural Thai Festival in Nagoya on Sunday, which was held in Hisayaodori Koen, Hisaya Hiroba, south of Nagoya TV Tower.

The expected rain held off and plenty of Aichi Prefecture's estimated 2500-3000 Thai residents turned up to lend the necessary authenticity and dish up all the grub.

Thai Festival in Nagoya - stall serving authentic Thai food

On the main stage the Thai dance, music and yes sword juggling! was of a higher than expected quality, entertaining the spectators and a healthy throng of people, happily sampling Thai food and beer from the stalls packed in Hisaya Hiroba.

Nagoya city applied some fairly strict regulations on the preparation of foodstuffs - but there was an incredible variety on display -- Thai curries, fried meats of all description, Thai coconut sweets, mango ice-creams, even durian and of course, plenty of Singha beer and a new one on me --- Phuket ale.

It remains to be seen whether this becomes a regular event, I hope so, it felt a bit reminiscent of the annual Osaka beer festival vibe and last year's Aichi Expo, even down to the parked tuk-tuk, and all the more welcome for it.

I remember going to a big Thai Festival in London in Battersea Park held in late July, also free, but heavily promoted by the then new energy drink "Red Bull". That was back in 1995 and London's Thai Festival has now evolved in to an even bigger, mega-event on the London summer calendar.

Here's hoping for something similar here in Nagoya.

Thai Festival in Nagoya 2006
Thai Festival in Nagoya 2006 - praying it will be on next year

Saturday 27 May 11.00am-9pm
Sunday 28 May 10.00am-8pm

Hisayaodori Koen, Hisaya Hiroba
Admission: Free
Yabacho and Sakae Stations, Meijo Line

Thai dance, Thai food stalls, Thai beauty contest, Thai goods, Thai music....

Sightseeing in Nagoya

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