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Sunday, April 02, 2006



‘Primavera’: a “ sexy and cute illusion unit” about to release their “entertainment illusion magic” on Tokyo. I was on my way to an electronics shop in Shinjuku yesterday when I came across a cluster of tight sleek latexed young women handing out fliers. One of them handed me a couple: one for Primavera’s hot-off-the-press DVD, and the other for a performance of theirs happening today at 2.30 and 4.30pm in Tokyo’s electronics district of Akihabara.

The moment I encountered them they were mobbing an old gentleman (photo below) who seemed to have a lot of questions for them, which they were responding to with great enthusiasm and excitement. The flier says to contact a certain major electronics store for enquiries concerning the troupe, making it seem more like some kind of promotional venture than a bone fide entertainment act.

However, I’m sure the very real sight of tight black latex stretched over ebullient nubile bodies is quite enough for most people to willingly swallow any illusion being spun.

Primavera canvassing in Shinjuku.

Primavera canvassing in Shinjuku.

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