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Monday, November 28, 2005

Osaka Motor Show


Osaka Motor Show OsakaOsaka (City Guides/Osaka) is no longer even the second most populous city in Japan; it lost that distinction to Yokohama (City Guides/Yokohama) some years back. Still in the minds of Japanese, and certainly to Osakans, the city is the counterbalance to everything that is Tokyo (City Guides/Tokyo). It is rough and working class, unpolished and a bit uncouth, loud and gaudy at times. But it has an edge and “feeling” that corporate Tokyo never will.

This past week saw the annual Osaka Car Show, which - of course - is, after Tokyo’s, the number two showing of new automobiles in Japan. It featured the newest models and parts; a lot of middle-aged guys in suits; and many, many young women in shiny hot pants and bikini tops with unnaturally high-pitched voices. It was a great day out.

Among the more interesting models was the Jame Bond-like car pictured above. For those on a more modest budget, the hatchback of the future (below left) may interest. And, for the George Jetson fans out there, Toyota's auto-auto is one of the highlights of the Show.

Osaka Motor Show hatchback The Show runs through today at Intex, which is located on the OTS Line at Nakafuto Station.

Osaka Motor Show MercedesFrom downtown Osaka it takes about 15 minutes to get to Intex.

Take the Chuo Line to Cosmo Square and then change for the OTS Line.

Osaka Motor Show

Osaka Motor Show hot rod

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