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Monday, October 31, 2005

Japan On Wheels

Japan On Wheels

Smart Car

copyright Harrison Wheeler

Since moving to Japan, cars have become a big infatuation of mine. I never used to pay much attention to cars really – they were handy devices that, as long as they got me from A to B on time, and had a decent stereo of course, I was content.

I guess I’m not your typical ‘car-guy.’ Japanese cars however, have oodles more character than ours in Canada. I mean, plenty of cars have CARisma (sorry!), but the majority seems to be boring run of the mill sedans or, god save us all, SUVs.

Here in sunny Japan they've got a variety of cars that match the peculiarity of their manga characters: cute and sometimes even ridiculous, but most importantly efficient. The list of Japanese cars is long and colorful – here are a few to give you an idea.

(Please note that although these descriptions may smell of mockery, they’re really not. It’s a celebration of their oddities!)

The Japan Car Experience

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