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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

JALT Conference 2005

JALT 2005

全国語学教育学会 第31回年次大会JALT2005

David Nunan at JALT 2005

For all of you budding teachers out there in Blogger Land - here's a tip on JALT - if you aren't in it, you should be! I too am a 'Newbie' and had the pleasure of attending the JALT Conference 2005 in Shizuoka for the first time. Thousands of like minded foreign folk coming together for discussions, on, you guessed it - English teaching, and all those other topics that expats love to indulge in. Speaking of indulging, the Saturday night party was a big hit and was followed by groups splintering of to invade the town of Shizuoka well into the night. I myself ended up at a place called 'Our Boozer' which I promptly made my own.
JALT conferences also seem to be an excellent way to net-work so take lots of 'meishi', say hello to anyone and everyone, and providence may smile. The publishers are also out in force, so it was a great opportunity for me to grab a bundle of inspection copies - you are really only limited by how much you can carry.
As for the seminars themselves I probably had a similar experience to most- some I thought were great, some not so hot. There are so many to choose from you will invariably blame yourself when you make the wrong choice - but from a 'newbie' my advice would be to read the handbook well in advance and before making your selection - be careful you aren't going to a presentation by a book publisher unless that is really what you are interested in - the open forums/discussion panels were by far the best for me.
Lastly, the big names of the conference were David Nunan, Susan Stempleski,Jennifer Bassett and Kumiko Torikai. I couldn't catch them all - but Kumiko Torikai's lecture and her discussion on National Lang. Policy was most interesting. I hate to dish David Nunan as he is 'the man' but his 'Styles and Strategies' presentation was a little dull- perhaps he thought we were in an ESL 101 class - and that he needed to regurgitate parts of his book prior to selling it to us (signed of course) - hmmmmm, perhaps I am being a bit harsh to justify the fact that my hangover, and those big comfy seats in 'Chu Hall' lured me into nodding off....
Definitely see you next year!

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