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Friday, September 02, 2005

Nintendo DS & Gameboy Micro


gb-silverKyoto-based Nintendo is about to launch its latest hand-held game machine. The new Nintendo Micro will, the company hopes, eat into the lead rival Sony has of late enjoyed in the video game market. Following its failure three years ago with GameCube, Nintendo has been hurt by the success of Sony's Playstation 2. The Micro (pictured at right) follows last fall's DS ("dual screen") video game. The Gameboy Micro will be released and in Japanese stores in a week.

The DS features a touch-panel display, voice recognition, and wireless connectivity. The last function will allow many users to play at once. Gameboy Micro--which is basically Game Boy Advance SP in a better looking body--will be released in Japan on September 13, the all-important US market a week later on the 19th, and in Europe on November 4th. (The new Sony PS 3 will be released next spring.)

Nintendo is hoping to sell 3.5 million units of the DS.


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