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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Aichi Expo Ends


Dutch Pavilion Aichi Expo ends today and the number of visitors is likely to exceed 22 million in the six months of the Exposition. An estimated 34,500 people slept overnight on Friday to make sure they got to see the event.

The international pavilions will be dismantled over the coming weeks but one exhibit not going home will be the centerpiece of the Nepali Pavilion - a Nepalese temple - which has found a buyer here in Japan after an appeal from the head of the Pavilion. The cost of shipping the structure back to Nepal would have been a burden on the Nepalese authorities, who decided to get shot of it.

The next international Expos will be held in Zaragoza, Spain in 2008 and Shanghai, China in 2010.

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Aichi Expo 2005

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