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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tokyo Plage

Tokyo Plage
The middle of mid-summer Tokyo: Shibuya in August, is, as always, the center of Japan’s youth culture. However, this year it will be even more than mini skirts, ripped jeans, Louis Vuitton bags, and Chanel sunglasses. Welcome bikinis and speedos! From the 13th to the 21st this mad urban conglomeration of everything wacky is getting its own real live beach. A snazzy facility has been built with deckchairs and volleyball courts, as well as the inevitable catwalk for a fashion show, not to mention truckload after truckload of white sand – over 1000 tons of it - brought over from China, all to produce ‘Tokyo Plage’.
Inspired by a similar project in Paris, the project has been suitably christened a la francais. It is organized by Sky Perfect TV, Japan’s biggest satellite TV channel, in collaboration with Kao Cosmetics which is running the ‘Shibuya Beach’ program. The sponsors hope to attract over 200,000 trendy beach boys and gals.

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