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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tatami mats

Traditional Japanese tea room
Natural hand-woven rush tatami goza mats. The traditional Japanese flooring for homes or restaurants.
Direct from Japan and available in a variety of large sizes our tatami mat covers make excellent, safe and affordable floor coverings over carpets or hard surfaces. Tatami mats make any room feel lighter and more spacious.
goza are the top decorative layer of traditional tatami mats and lend to any room or space that special Oriental atmosphere and aroma - perfect for meditation and relaxation.
Our mats are ideal for your children's play rooms and bedrooms as they are natural, long-lasting, stain-resistant, wipe clean easily and improve air quality.
Each mat is edged with an attractive patterned border which can be used for securing your mat to the floor surface.
New tatami have a green color and a fresh grassy smell which fades in light to leave a bright golden color and are naturally treated to repel insects.
The size of Japanese rooms are still measured in tatami or -jo to this day, as traditional tatami had a basically standard size (roughly 90cm by 180 cm - 3 feet by 6 feet), though mats from Kyoto and the west of Japan (honma) were slightly larger than the mats produced in Tokyo and eastern Japan (edoma).
tatami mat covers are made of soft reeds and each tatami mat contains around 4,000 to 5,000 rushes.
The woven edge or eri
Hemp or cotton cord is then used to weave the rushes together.
Our tatami carpets make the ideal gifts for you, your home and friends.
GoodsFromJapan.com now offers two types of goza tatami mat: our Standard high-quality mats and also Premium hand-produced made-to-order mats. The made-to-order mats take between 2-10 days to produce (depending on size) from the time of your order and come with a border (eri) in patterned green, brown, blue or plain black. Please specify the color you prefer in your order.
Our Standard high-quality mats all have green patterned borders.

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