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Friday, July 29, 2005

Japan Student Numbers in Rapid Decline

Japanese students yesterday
Translation of Yahoo News:

New lows for 4-year private universities: candidates outnumbered by
examination staff in 160 institutions.

This spring 542 4-year private universities held entrance examinations. According to a survey by the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan (PMACPSJ), a new record was set when candidates at 160, or 29.5%, of them, were outnumbered by examination staff. Universities where the number of candidates was 70% or less than the number of examination staff rose to 52, or 9.6%.

Outnumbering of candidates by staff rose by 0.4%, i.e. at an additional five
universities. The average ratio of candidates to examination staff dropped
by 0.59% to 109.9%, marking the first time that it has fallen below 110%.
The ratio per school ranged between 243% and 14%. The PMACPSJ said that this indicated a growing polarization.

This is the second year of the new system whereby university law schools
were made into separate entities. In this year’s entrance examinations, 36
of the 49 nationwide saw students outnumbered by examination staff, a
threefold increase over the first year where it happened in only 12 of them.

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1 comment:

  1. Grubber J, LA9:16 PM

    Gee whiz! That's unreal. What is happening over there in Japanese universities - or, more to the point, in Japanese BEDROOMS???


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