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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Weather in Japan June

Nara in the rain.
Nagoya, June 2005
It's the rainy season now in Japan - tsuyu or less commonly baiyu-which usually lasts June through early July. The Japanese government decrees official start and finish days for the rainy season announced on TV and in daily newspapers. This year, there's not much sign of the rain.
The monsoon winds, which travel eastwards up from The Philippines and South East Asia, bring hot and humid weather with temperatures between 25-30 degrees centigrade and usually torrential tropical rain and high winds.
The last time there was a shortage of water in the Japanese rainy season, in 1993, domestic rice farmers suffered and rice was imported from Thailand to press and public indignation directed at the supposedly inferior Thai rice taimai.

Is a failure of the rainy season monsoon a sign of global warming or just part of a natural twelve year cycle?
Whatever the answer, motorists continue to sleep in their cars with air-con running; daylight saving time is not on the political agenda.
Japan depends largely on imported oil for its energy needs - the nuclear power industry is in something of a crisis after a number of recent accidents and alternative energy has a small market share.

So how about this for a solution - giant domicile solar/wind power fans (SWPFs or Swips TM)?
A large solar panel unit that tracks the movement of the sun in the sky during the day, thus powering a fan - much like a large version of a domestic electric fan - to cool the house. Cool breezes guaranteed. Ideal for concrete double parking spaces and gardens nationwide.
Weather in Nagoya

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