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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Japan News This Week 13 October 2013


Japan News.
Tokyo left in the cold as ties between Beijing and Seoul warm

Japan Companies Sued For Illegally Using Michael Jackson's Name
Global Post

Broken lives of Fukushima

IMF’s Shinohara Says More BOJ Easing ‘Dangerous’ Without Reforms

Japan monkey attack victims to be given compensation

Japan tabloids brimming with anti-Korea diatribes
Japan Times

Japan Needs More Brawling Billionaires

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2001: 22.6%
2010: 16.6%

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Japanese kids kendama dance to Michael Jackson

大久保祭り 剣玉 マイケル・ジャクソン

Today, October 12, is a holiday, Health and Sports Day, (usually October 11, but moved to the 12th this year) and it is also the day of the Okubo Festival in the Okubo district of Tokyo's Shinjuku ward. Okubo is Tokyo's most prominent Korean town.

It was a perfect fall day with clear sunshine and cool breezes, and hundreds of people lined the streets to watch the festival.

The parade I was there to watch was particularly interesting for two reasons: 1. the kids at the front were playing kendama while, 2., the kids behind all danced to Michael Jackson!

Check out the YouTube video above of Japanese/Korean kids playing kendama to the sounds of the late King of Pop.

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