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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ono Ruri-ga-hama


Ono-cho, just north of Tokoname on the Chita Peninsula, south of Nagoya, was once a thriving port during and after the Kamakura Period in the 14th century. On the route from Mikawa to Ise, the area had a castle (now Shiroyama Park), and the many wooden, latticed buildings and numerous temples bear witness to a bygone age.

Ono Ruri-ga-hama

The temples include Kaionji, Sainenji and Juodo - all set in the quite narrow lanes behind the seafront.

The local beach - Ono Ruri-ga-hama - is claimed as the world's oldest sea bathing beach, but on what evidence, I have no idea.

Ono Ruri-ga-hama

The beach is crowded with bathers in July and August, but when we visited, less than a dozen people were paddling or wind-surfing.

The nearest station is Ono-machi Station, one stop south of Shinmaiko on the Meitestu Tokoname Line. National highway 155 passes through the town.

Ono Ruri-ga-hama Aichi

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