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Friday, December 26, 2008

Most Popular Names, 2008


The most popular Japanese names of children born in 2008 were announced.

Hina jumped from number 4 in 2007 to number 1; Hiroto came in first for the second year in a row for boys.


1. Hina/Haruna (陽菜)
2. Yui (結衣)
3. Aoi (葵)
4. Sakura(さくら)
5. Yuna (優菜)
6. Miyu/Miu(美優)
7. Miyu(心優)
8. Yuina(結菜)
8. Mio(美桜)
8. Riko(莉子)


1. Hiroto(大翔)
2. Yuto(悠翔)
3. Hinata(陽向)
4. Shota(翔太)
5. Sota(颯太)
5. Yuto(悠人)
7. Sho(翔)
7. Yuta(悠太)
9. Ren(連)
10. Riku(陸)
10. Shun(駿)

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