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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Numbers in Japanese


One of the first things a visitor to Japan should memorize are the numbers in both written and spoken form so here they are:

Listen to the numbers in Japanese

1 - ichi; 一
2 - ni; 二
3 - san; 三
4 - shi (yon); 四
5 - go; 五
6 - roku; 六
7 - nana (shichi); 七
8 - hachi; 八
9 - kyuu; 九
10 - jyuu; 十

100 - hyaku 百
200 - ni-hyaku 二百
1,000 - sen 二千
2,000 - ni-sen 千
10,000 - ichiman 一万
20,000 - ni-man 二万

The numbers are useful in restaurants and shops and for saying your age if asked.
watashiwa nana sai desu - I'm seven years old. See it's child's play.

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