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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Introductions in Japanese


With a level of formality higher in Japan than in the English-speaking world, introductions are an important linguistic ritual in Japanese. Fortunately, you can keep it fairly simple.

Basic Greetings

Good morning おはようございます (ohayo gozaimasu)

Hello (in the afternoon) こんにちは (kon-nichiwa)

Hello/good evening こんばんは (konbanwa)

Introducing Yourself

My name is Smith スミスです (Sumisu desu)

I'm from England イギリスから来ました/イギリス出身です (igirisu kara kimashita, or, igirisu shusshin desu)

There are four people in my family 四人家族です (Yon nin kazoku desu)

I have two children 子供が二人います (kodomo ga futari imasu)

My daughter is ten years old 娘は十歳です (musume wa ju sai desu)

I work at Kyoto University 京都大学で働きます (kyoto daigaku de

I teach English in the Law Faculty 法学部で英語を教えます (hogakubu de
eigo o oshiemasu)

All Important

At the end of your introduction, you should say:

Nice to meet you/I am beholden to you 宜しくお願いします (yoroshiku onegai shimasu)

"Yoroshiku onegai shimasu" is a reflexive and very important phrase, and cannot be translated into English easily. You will hear it often--and should use it often.

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